Saturday, February 25, 2012

Costa Rica already having a great time!

Here is an email I received from student leader Meg on Saturday morning. Thought you would all like to read!

The weather is beautiful here, and the foood...out of this world. When we arrived we got to have a nice lunch with Elizabeth and Javier from CFCA. They fed us roasted chicken, rice, fresh tortilla wraps, black bean dip, plantines and fresh avocado. We then took a scenic 4.5 hour tour through the countryside and arrived here around 830. Dinner was lovely. After dinner Elizabeth introduced us to the CFCA social workers and they told us more about the house and family we will be working with. This AM we have an induction ceremony and then we arriving on site to knock the existing house down and to lay the foundation. We have a great week ahead of us.
Talk to you soon!

P.S we saw huge iguanas and took a nice little video on the flip cam. Wish all the leaders leaving today good luck from us and we'll be thinking of them :)

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