Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday's Service Day a great success for all!

Hello family and friends,
Students at H.O.M.E. in Maine
   I hope you are all enjoying the stories and pictures from our groups! Its been wonderful for me to get so many photos and text messages from our student leaders sharing little highlights of their day, or how happy they are that the group is bonding so well. All the stories have been great ones so far! Maine is working very hard both indoors and out at the H.O.M.E Co-op, Philly and Phoenix are having wonderful experiences working the soup line and in the thrift stores at the St. Francis Inn and Andre House. Maryland is having dinner tonight at the group home for adults with special needs, and Manchester had a great day meeting refugee families at the International Institute and putting together food boxes at New Horizons.
Costa Rica called this morning and almost have ALL the walls up on their house!
Hoping to get pictures from them to share with you soon! 
Thanks for checking in!

No rest for the boys in Maine! Chopping serious wood!

Cooking up a storm at the St. Francis Inn, Philly

Kristen chopping peppers for today's dinner

Philly girls posing in the dining room under our school pennant

The Phoenix group takes a short break at the Andre House


  1. I wish I had realized there was a group from St Anselm in town (I live in Scottsdale). My great aunt is currently visiting Scottsdale from Manchester and was at Andre House yesterday and ran into one of the girls from St A's (she was wearing a St A's shirt). Talk about a small world!
    Thanks for volunteering in Phoenix!
    Tracy Kenison

    1. Tracy! I wish we could have connected the group with you as well! We have been sending groups to the Andre House the last three years and it has been a wonderful experience. Its good to know the group was able to bring the St. A's connection all the way across the country through service!
      Thanks for posting! God Bless!
      Joycelin Raho, Campus Ministry