Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Amigos de Jesus children love Saint Anselm students!

 We are expecting to hear from all groups on the phone by this evening, but in the meantime, Honduras had an internet connection and was able to send some pictures from their adventures with the children of the Amigos de Jesus orphanage. Above you see Alex and John with one of the Amigos boys.
 Jaime Orrego, Spanish professor, takes a moment to hear stories from two of the Amigos boys. What a blessing to have a native speaker on the trip!
 Andraya found a friend and they went exploring on the Amigos grounds.
The infamous game at Saint Anselm ... NINJA! Goes International! Cathy, Kate, and Annah teach the boys some Ninja...looks like Cathy is dominating! At least we know one thing...Love, Service, and Ninja know no borders!

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