Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mid-week Check Ins

Leaders from all our WBA trips called to check in yesterday with great news of the work they're doing, the people they are meetings, and their excitement for what remains of their trips!
WBA Camden: Leader Jacqui called as the group was headed out for their night off to explore nearby Philadelphia. She mentioned that the group was really looking forward to the evening together, as they are split into smaller groups during the day to attend various service sites. Jacqui also mentioned that the group is really loving the Romero Center staff and all the reflection opportunities they're facilitating, helping the group draw connections and begin discussions that are challenging and fruitful.

WBA New Orleans: Leaders Kristen and Steve called after another tiring but great day at the group's two work sites, helping repair homes that have Hurricane Katrina flood damage. During the day, the group is keeping busy doing demolition, putting up drywall, and insulating the homes, and in the evening they are cooking with other Operation Helping Hands volunteers before sitting down to reflect. In their time off, the group has had a chance to explore the city--they loved Sunday mass with jazz music, and have had more than a few beignets--and also to take in the still-apparent devastation from Hurricane Katrina in the lower ninth ward.

WBA DC: Having conquered the Metro, leaders Matt and Leanne and the WBA DC group have now hit their stride. They are really enjoying their work at various food distribution centers, particularly in light of the SNAP food stamp challenge the group completed yesterday, which, by the sounds of it, was difficult but eye-opening. The group is also taking advantage of evening hours to do sightseeing and is looking forward to hearing some wonderful speakers and finally making it to the White House later in the week to round out their stay at The Pilgrimage.

WBA Honduras: Leaders John and Mel called after waking from an unplanned two hour siesta--it seems that working all morning in the bean fields, school, or kitchen and trying to keep up with the boys of Amigos de Jesus on the soccer field all afternoon is exhausting! The group is navigating the language and cultural barriers well, making friends and learning a great deal. They especially enjoyed a reflection faciliated by Amy and Wilson, who run Amigos de Jesus, which put them in the shoes of the Honduran boys they are working with. Nursing majors will have a chance to visit a Honduran clinic and the whole group will take a day trip to nearby indigenous ruins, so there is still a great deal the group is looking forward to.

Please continue to keep our participants in your thoughts and prayers!

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