Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Students at Romero Center seek Solidarity with those in Camden.

Update from the Romero Center students in Camden, NJ:
We just heard from Chris, our student leader, who reported that the group is all doing very well and learning a lot about the poverty in Camden and what they can do to be in solidarity with their struggles. Yesterday they split into 2 groups. Half served at an elderly rehabilitation center, and half at a homeless shelter. Both experiences provided opportunities to be present to the guests and hear their stories. Today, they are taking part in a Food Stamps project, where they break up into "families" of 4 and are given $12 total for their family's meals for the day. This is the amount families are provided through Food Stamps. They are truly entering into solidarity with those who live on these food stamps for their every meal. Please continue to keep the Camden group, and all our WBA groups in your prayers!

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