Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Honduras report - Email update Monday 1/9/12 from Susan Gabert, Director of Campus Ministry.

"  Things are going amazingly. We stayed with Honduran families last night in pairs of 2 - it really had a tremendous impact on the group and our understanding of life in Honduras. We played soccer today - yes even me (if you wish to call it playing). The children are great and the group is really doing well regardless of their language skills. Today we worked in the Kitchen, in the school, and in agriculure picking beans - in the a.m. we played games and soccer in the afternoon. The nurses went to a clinic with Amy (our host) to bring some children for a check-up. This gave them teh opportunity to observe health care in a private honduran setting. Mike is taking special pictures for each of the kids for Amigos de Jesus. a few of us planned a meal that we are making on Wednesday, while others planned the school schedule for the rest of the week. Oh, yeah - on Sunday we went to Mass - it was a nice celebration of the Epiphany.
So much happening, so much to think about in such a short time. looking forward to more time with the kids and with work. Amy and Wilson have been amazing. tonight they spent time talking about Amigos and answering questions. It really helped the group get a better understanding and appreciation for thier work. "

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