Sunday, May 20, 2012

Happy Sunday!

   Both the South Dakota and Appalachia groups are now settled in at their service sites. Appalachia Leaders Audrey and Shaun checked in around 7pm this evening after a long 8 hour drive from New York to West Virginia. Cell phone service is poor where they are, so we didn't get to talk long, but they said everything went well and it was a beautiful sunny day for a road trip! Please do not be surprised if your child is on the Appalachia trip and you cannot contact them via their cellphone this week. The Bethlehem Farm program discourages cell phone use in general for the week, in addition to the service not being strong. Feel free to comment on this blog with questions, or to call me any time with the phone numbers your child should have provided.

  Above is a photo of the South Dakota group touring the Badlands today, before their service work begins tomorrow. Looks like everyone's having a great time!


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