Monday, May 21, 2012

Hard at work at Bethlehem Farm...


  I just heard from Shaun and Audrey at Bethlehem Farm in West Virginia, and they are in great spirits! They wanted me to reiterate to all of you that cell phone service is unavailable to them at the Farm, so please don't be alarmed or surprised if you don't hear from your son/daughter this week. All is well and the leaders are checking in every few days.

  Today was the groups first full day on the farm, and they worked HARD! They put up a fence, planted corn and beans, fed chickens, mowed fields, and learned a new song called "Ode to Compost". (haha!) The program is very earth friendly and the group is learning first hand simple living with outhouses and outdoor bucket showers! In fact...the group sounds like they love it!

  Tomorrow they will be going out into the community to begin local service projects and meet community members. Tonight they just had mass, and have been reflecting a lot on social justice and what that means in this Appalachia region. The best part of the day for the group was taking a break in the heat for a brief "sun shower" that cooled things down, and they saw a double rainbow!

All is well at the end of day 1. I plan on hearing from all trips again by Thursday morning.
Thank you for your thoughts and prayers!

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