Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mid Week Update

Just a brief update from the South Dakota trip for now. Expecting to hear from the Appalachia group later this evening. Due to cell phone service problems we were not able to connect last night, but I'm confident they are having an awesome week!

The group at the Re-Member Lakota reservation have balanced their time both serving the community and learning about the culture of the people. They finished their official work projects by today, which were mostly building decks and ramps for families who need easier accessibility. They have also learned significant cultural aspects of the Lakota people, such as a deep rooted sense of family and supporting one another. Few are homeless because family always takes one another in. They've also learned a bit about the mistreatment of the Lakota people by the U.S. Government, and are taking the time to really process and understand cultural implications and figuring a way to reconcile the guilt.

Today the group is visiting the Red Cloud Indian School, and seeing what a Catholic School environment is like on the reservation. Tomorrow they will leave Pine Ridge and head back to Rapid City for some sightseeing before flying home on Saturday.

I will update more from other groups as I get information!

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