Saturday, May 19, 2012


Dear Family and Friends of our Summer Plunge Service Trips,

   Good News! Our group in South Dakota just arrived at the Re-Member Reservation in Pine Ridge, SD! I just got off the phone with Matt and he said although they had a long day of travel (since 3:30am!) they are happy and excited to be at their site, and were heading off to dinner and orientation. We are also very lucky to have Cory True '09, who works in communications at Saint Anselm and is a Board member for Re-Member, who will be spending the week out there at the same time as our group. Its nice to have a familiar face when you're somewhere so new!

   Our Appalachia group just hit the road leaving from Saint Anselm. They will be spending the night with the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Mary in Tarrytown, NY and then continuing the second leg of their drive tomorrow to Bethlehem Farm. I will update you tomorrow when they have arrived safety in Clayton, WV.

Please continue to keep our groups in your prayers as they do God's work!
Joycelin Raho
Campus Ministry

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